Importance of Urinary Health

Nobody likes to clean up after their pet has an “accident,” and by helping your cat maintain a healthy urinary tract, you can make that a thing of the past.

A healthy cat urinary tract includes a healthy kidney and a healthy bladder. Kidneys play a vital role by filtering waste from the blood. They also maintain the normal balance of fluid and minerals within the body. When your cat has a healthy bladder & kidneys, they’re much less likely to urinate outside the litter box or develop a urinary problem or infection.

Here are some tips for how you can help your cat maintain a healthy urinary tract.


Give your cat lots of water


We’re all mostly made of water, and cats are no different. Water is the basic building block of life, so make sure your cat always has access to plenty of clean, fresh water. Try offering several water stations around the house using dishes of various materials, shapes, sizes or depths – get creative and discover her favourites.

Some cats prefer running water. If this sounds like your cat, look into installing a water fountain to keep her happy and hydrated. Feeding a wet food, such as pouches, can help your cat increase her water intake naturally.


Set the food and water bowls away from the litter box


Nobody likes doing their business where they eat. Always make sure that feeding bowls and the litter box are at least on opposite corners of the room, ideally in separate rooms of the house. And if your cat keeps peeing out of the litter box, just place her food bowl in the offending spot. Problem solved.


Set aside a quiet space for her to relax and de-stress


Keeping your cat calm and stress-free is much more important than you think. Stress isn’t just a nuisance, but also a main culprit in many feline urinary problems. Making your home feline-friendly is easy and can help your cat stay relaxed. Always keep separate areas for feeding, elimination, sleep and play to keep her stress away. Cats love routine, too, so they’ll appreciate meals and playtime on schedule.



Don’t scrub the litter box


Instead of scrubbing, scoop out the litter box after use and clean it every other week. Cats need odour to navigate their surroundings. Frequent cleaning and scrubbing eliminates odours from the litter box, making it difficult for cats to remember what it’s for in the first place. A simple scoop after they’re done and a thorough scrub every few weeks is more than enough for a well-maintained litter tray.


Give the litter area privacy


What goes for humans goes for cats as well – we all want a little peace and quiet while we’re in the loo. Set the litter tray in a quiet, separated area and keep away when your cat is using it. Don’t forget to inform the other family members to leave her alone when she’s doing her business.


Urinary problems only affect older cats, right?


Wrong! While it is unusual for a kitten to have urinary problems, most bladder issues such as struvite stones crop up when a cat reaches adulthood, but before she becomes a mature adult. Kidney issues can strike at any age, but a cat’s risk goes up with age. That’s why it’s especially vital to support healthy bladder and kidney function throughout her adult years.


What role does nutrition play?


The diet you feed your cat has an important role in her overall health and wellness. If your cat is diagnosed with urinary problems, look for a food that has adjusted mineral content to support a healthy bladder. Consult with your veterinarian to learn if Hill’s Science Plan Urinary Health can help with your cat’s urinary problems.

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